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The Blair and Centre County Chambers of Commerce formed a collaborative relationship, known as “The Alliance,” in an effort to mutually advance the interests of business and industry in the region. Blair and Centre Counties are not only contiguous, but also share common transportation, workforce, and business owner concerns. The Alliance strives to bring these shared interests into focus for an even more robust set of solutions that will be mutually beneficial for all involved.

The two chambers will initially focus on workforce programming to benefit employers and employees. Centre County has a unique workforce program (CentreREADYTM) that is well poised to blend with the Blair County workforce skills program (BASICS – Businesses and Schools Investing in Cooperative Solutions).


As the community rebounds from COVID-19, overcoming labor shortages is an increasingly critical part of getting a variety of business sectors back on the path to success. Beyond retail, restaurants, and hotels, the tight labor market is impacting business owners’ ability to hire qualified candidates in many sectors.


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     Notable Quotes     

Notable Quotes

“By working together, The Alliance will be a conduit for our chambers to offer business owners a lot more – starting with an expanded programming around workforce development.”

- Vern Squier, CBICC President/CEO


"Fueling economic activity – and recovery – is directly linked to our shared pool of local talent. Together, we can enhance our current workforce programs to provide our communities with even greater outcomes.” 

- Joe Hurd, BCCC President/CEO

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“The Blair County Chamber of Commerce (BCCC) is very excited about this relationship and what Blair County brings to the equation.”

- Richard Fiore, Jr., BCCC Board Chairman

  Leonard S. Fiore, Inc.

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“The CBICC is looking forward to magnifying the positive regional benefits that The Alliance will be capable of in our area.”

- John Sepp, CBICC Board Chairman

  Penn Terra Engineering

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